• Payment plans with no credit needed
  • Course prepares the student For the CPC credentialing exam
  • This is unlike the programs offered at the colleges
  • The course fee includes the exam fee for the credentialing
  • Licensed PMCC instructor through the AAPC
  • The curriculum is copyrighted & supplied by AAPC
  • Completely online program with discussion meetings via GoToMeeting login
  • Access to a real person for instruction Via text message email or phone

Become a certified medical coder by earning your Certified Professional Coder certification (CPC®) Please or call for more information. Classes are forming now! 734-778-9163
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Evaluation and Management Training
New Hybrid Course will be the first Tuesday of every month. TBD Accelerated course starts the first Monday of every Month Schedule sessions for individuals
This medical coding course is designed to teach the fundamentals of medical coding, prepares the student for certification. Our services are bundled with a couple of exceptions.*

CPC preparation course
AAPC Membership
CPC exam
CPC review
*Practicode CPC - A Practicum (Can be purchased separately)

Student will be learning, reviewing and assigning accurate medical codes for diagnoses, procedures, and services performed by physicians and other qualified healthcare providers in the office or facility setting (eg, inpatient hospital) Proficiency across a wide range of services, This includes evaluation & management, anesthesia, surgery, radiology, pathology, and medicine A sound knowledge of medical coding guidelines and regulations including compliance and reimbursement – allowing a CPC to better handle issues such as medical necessity, claims denials, bundling issues, and charge capture Will be introduced to and become proficient in how to integrate medical coding and payment policy changes into a practice's reimbursement processes Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology necessary to correctly code provider diagnosis and services.